Onscreen Advertising

Advertise With The Triplex Cinema
Screen advertising at the Triplex+ Cinema gives you the chance to showcase your big ideas on the big screen in the hottest new tool for advertisers. The growth of The Triplex has mirrored the growth of Great Barrington and South County, making our slide-advertising program the perfect fit for area businesses and cultural institutions. We feature only local businesses, no national ad campaigns, and space is limited so you are assured that your message will stand out!


In Theater Slide Advertising
Each year, more than 100,000 people come to The Triplex for our unique mix of independent, foreign and Hollywood films. With slide advertising, our audience receives your message on the big screen, uninterrupted by any other form of advertising.  Space is limited so you are assured that your message will stand out! Your slide is projected digitally on all screens and runs continuously before our movies. Each advertiser has two slides in the rotation and each slide shows for 10 seconds. The two slides may be different images or the same and may be customized anyway you like within our prescribed layout. Slides may be changed as often as once per week.



Triplex Cinema Slide Specifications
  • The Triplex week runs from Friday-Thursday and slides are updated weekly on Thursdays ONLY.
  • Your slide(s) must be submitted no later than 9:00am on Thursday morning in order to run for the following week.
  • Slides must be submitted to slides@thetriplex.com as an email attachment.
  • Slides must be submitted using the following specifications, exactly. Any deviation may cause your slide to display improperly on screen and potentially delay the start of your contract. The Triplex is not responsible for creating or adjusting slides.
  • Slide specifications: png file format only, 1280 pixels wide x 720 pixels high, 72 dpi (dots per inch)



Current Advertising Rates:

  • 12-Month Commitment - $180 per month (BEST VALUE…like getting 3 months free exposure!)
  • 6-Month Commitment - $240 per month

Payment is due each quarter in advance. A $200 deposit is required with your reservation and signed contract. The balance of the first 3-month payment is due with your slides. Billing is tri-monthly thereafter.


Contact Information
Make your ad dollars work harder! Put your advertising on the big screen today. To reserve your screen space at The Triplex Cinema:

Tim Danner
413-528-8886 ext 2